For every print sold we plant one tree!

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  For every print sold we plant one tree!      Free shipping for orders over $125!

Why We Love Map Posters

New York Blueprint City Map Poster

Map posters: a corner of the world on your wall. In a digital age where any location is just a click away, there’s still nothing like the charm of a tangible city map. Shea Winter Roggio, the brains behind Winter Museo, knows this all too well. A globe-trotter at heart, Shea always felt an irresistible pull towards maps and travel. Every new city visited, every alleyway wandered through, he wished for a keepsake. And not just any keepsake, but a reminder of the streets, the air, the culture… the memories.

This love for maps and travel not only led Shea to amass an impressive collection of maps but also planted the seed for Winter Museo. It was his dream to transform these silent storytellers into art, allowing others to capture their own memories or fuel their wanderlust.

But hang on, these aren’t just ordinary posters. Dive in to see what makes our maps stand out.

What Makes Our City Map Posters Great

Winter Museo’s city map posters are a class apart, and not just because they look good. For starters, the material is top tier: think Archival Pigment on a heavy, premium Fine Art Paper. The details? Oh, they’re crisp, capturing everything from the buzz of a city square to the serenity of a hidden lane. Then there’s the size range, from cozy 12×16″ to a statement-making 30×40″, fitting seamlessly into different spaces.

Here’s the icing on the cake: For every map you buy, we plant a tree. Yes, while you’re exploring the world through our maps, you’re also doing your part for Mother Earth. And wait, it gets better! These designs aren’t just plucked from the ether; they’re the creations of budding artists from across the globe, each bringing their own flavor and perspective to their work. So, every time you purchase, you’re supporting a young artist’s dream. Worried about waiting or shipping costs? Don’t. We pride ourselves on quick and affordable shipping.

Now, let’s whisk you away to our diverse collections.

Salt Lake City Antique City Map Poster
Poster of Salt Lake City antique city map

Winter Museo’s Unique City Map Posters Collections

At Winter Museo, our collection paints a rich tapestry of cultures and histories. The Antique US City Maps almost transport you back in time, infusing spaces with an old-world charm that contrasts beautifully with today’s modern aesthetics. If you’re looking to celebrate diversity and love, our LGBTQ Neighbourhood Map Posters do just that, highlighting the vibrant and significant LGBTQ-friendly locales and their stories.

Italy, a country renowned for its deep-rooted culture, comes alive in two distinct styles: the nostalgic Antique and the trendy Chalkboard, allowing you to either meander through Italy’s storied past or revel in its contemporary vibe.

Over in North America, the essence of Mexico unfolds through two distinct lenses: the evocative Vintage style capturing its rich history, and the edgier Cartel style with its bright red colors that showcase a more modern perspective. And for those who feel the allure of the ocean, our US Islands Maps cater to both the old souls with an Antique rendition and the color enthusiasts with vivid, modern depictions of bright blue sea.

Each collection from Winter Museo is more than a variety of maps; it’s an invitation to a story or stories waiting to be explored.

Antique US City Map Art Collection

Elevate your space with a touch of history with our US city map art posters, meticulously designed to mirror the allure of antique map reproductions. With over 60 US cities to choose from, this collection pays homage to the timeless style of vintage city maps often gracing the walls of museums. Shea’s fondness for these age-old depictions was the driving force behind curating this collection. They aren’t just maps; they’re a bridge to the past as well, making them a perfect and affordable gift for history buffs and map enthusiasts alike.

Phoenixville Pennsylvania Antique Map Illustration
Antique map of Phoenixville, Pennsylvania

Blueprint City Map Art Collection at Winter Museo

Venturing from the classic charm of antique maps, Winter Museo presents its sharp and contemporary Blueprint City Map Wall Art Collection. Encompassing the same 60 United States cities, Blueprint City Maps collection marries the precise beauty of blueprints with the intricate layouts of renowned urban landscapes. There’s something undeniably captivating about the stark white lines against the deep blue canvas; it’s a modern interpretation that remains rooted in historic essence. Shea’s vision took a turn towards innovation as the creation of the antique maps unfolded, sparking the idea to re-imagine them in a blueprint form. The result? A fresh, crisp rendition of iconic US cities that stands as a testament to our drive for creativity and design precision.

San Diego California Blueprint Map Illustration
Blueprint map of San Diego, California

Vintage Style Italy Street Maps

Italy: a land where ancient streets tell tales older than most countries. Every cobblestone, every alleyway, has a story. But while authentic antique maps of Italy’s iconic cities – think Florence, Venice, Rome – are undeniably mesmerizing, they can also be elusive and costly. At Winter Museo, we’ve channelled the magnetism of these historical treasures into our curated collection of Italy Vintage City Maps.  Offering Italy street map posters reimagined in vintage flair, our posters encapsulate the essence of modern Italy without the hefty price tag of an antique. And because we believe in sharing Italy’s magic far and wide, our promise is to deliver these art pieces globally, crafted with precision on premium paper.

Rome Italy Vintage Map Poster
Vintage map poster of Rome, Italy

Italy Chalkboard Style City Map Posters

Stepping into a realm that’s both familiar and refreshingly different, Winter Museo’s Italy Chalkboard Style City Map Posters collection offers a contemporary twist on Italy’s renowned locales. Showcasing 21 of Italy’s crown jewels, this collection draws inspiration from the simplicity and charm of a chalkboard. With streets painted in stark white and radiant yellow, these posters are a nod to classroom memories, yet they exude an elegance fit for the most sophisticated of interiors. Whether it’s the sprawling streets of Rome or the intricate canals of Venice, each city’s essence is captured in this unique chalkboard aesthetic. And, catering to varied spaces and tastes, these artistic renditions are available in three distinct sizes. A perfect blend of nostalgia and modern artistry, this collection invites you to experience Italy in a style that’s both novel and timeless.

Milan Italy Chalkboard Map Wall Art Print
Chalkboard map of Milan, Italy

Mexico Cartel Style Street Map Posters

Dive into the radiant hues and intricate details of Winter Museo’s Mexico Cartel Style Street Map Posters collection, a tribute to Mexico’s dynamic towns and cities. Rendered in a striking red backdrop with contrasting white streets, these maps are more than just geographical depictions; they’re a celebration of Mexico’s vibrant spirit. From bustling roads and highways to the serene boundaries defined by mountains, rivers, and coastlines, every element is meticulously crafted to scale, offering an accurate and comprehensive overview of each city. Whether you’re reminiscing about a past trip or planning a future adventure, our Cartel style street posters allow you to bring a piece of modern Mexico to your wall.

Acapulco Mexico Map Print Cartel Style
Cartel style map print of Acapulco, Mexico

Mexico Antique City Maps

Journey back in time with Winter Museo’s Mexico Antique Maps collection, where the vibrant essence of modern Mexico is beautifully encapsulated in a classic, age-old style. Embracing the intricate designs and muted palettes characteristic of antique cartography, these maps capture the majesty of Mexican towns and cities in all their historical splendor. In contrast with the modern Cartel map style, these map posters will be a much better fit for a fan of history and traditional aesthetics.

Leon Mexico Vintage Map Poster
Vintage map poster of Leon, Mexico

Celebrating Pride with Winter Museo’s LGBTQ+ Map Collection

Introducing our latest masterpiece, a vibrant celebration of LGBTQ+ communities from around the globe: the LGBTQ+ Map collection. Each street map poster is a radiant tapestry of rainbow-inspired designs, vividly illustrating the street layout of iconic LGBTQ-friendly locales. From the lively streets of Gay Village to the historic alleys of The Castro, this collection not only adds a splash of color to any space but stands as a bold declaration of support for the LGBTQ+ cause.

If your walls could talk, what would they say? With Winter Museo’s vibrant LGBTQ+ map posters, they’d proudly announce your solidarity with LGBTQ+ communities worldwide.

West Village New York City LGBTQ Map Poster
LGBTQ poster of West Village, New York City

US Islands Vintage Map Posters

Winter Museo invites you on a nostalgic voyage with our Vintage Island Map posters collection, a masterful blend of artistry and history. With a meticulous selection of fifteen iconic US islands, including the serene Nantucket, the vibrant Key West, and the picturesque Marco, we offer you an opportunity to delve deep into the rich tapestry of these treasured landscapes. With these US islands maps you will feel like an explorer from the Age of Sail, looking for a lost treasure on a remote island.

Marthas Vineyard Massachusetts Vintage US Island Map
Vintage map poster of Marthas, Vineyard

Colored US Island Wall Art Map Collection

In contrast with the previous collection, this Colored Island Map collection stands as a more modern interpretation of the same places. These maps are a vivid symphony of hues, where the azure blue of the sea gracefully contrasts with the pristine white-grey of the iconic US islands. Imagine the depth of the ocean and the serene landscapes of the islands captured in stunning color gradients, all beautifully orchestrated to give your walls a pulsating vibrancy. Perfect for those who wish to infuse a splash of color into their homes or offices, these map posters aren’t just visually appealing, but they also connect you to the very soul of the islands.

Fire Island New York Colored US Island Map
Colored map poster of Fire Island, New York

A Journey Beyond Mere Maps with Winter Museo

In the vast realm of art, map posters have emerged as a unique intersection of function and aesthetics. Winter Museo’s diverse map collections, be it the vintage charm of antique cities or the brilliant hues of our island series, serve not just as decor but as a voyage into the memories, histories, and passions of other places. Each collection has been crafted with care, infused with a story, and offered with a promise to nurture our cities and our planet. As you adorn your spaces with these visual narratives, remember that you’re not just choosing art; you’re becoming part of a larger tapestry of travel, history, and sustainability. With Winter Museo, every map is an exploration, and every purchase, a pledge for a greener tomorrow. Dive in, explore, and let the world unfold on your walls.

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