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  For every print sold we plant one tree!      Free shipping for orders over $125!

The US Islands Map Posters Collection

Ocracoke North Carolina Colored US Island Map

At Winter Museo, we have a profound affinity for maps that goes beyond mere geographical fascination. Our founder, Shea Winter Roggio, has always been an avid globetrotter, with every new location visited nurturing his enduring passion for maps. Over time, our collections of map posters grew, adding ones such as the Italy Antique Maps collection and the Mexico Cartel Style Map collection. Now we have a new set to show you, the US Islands Map Posters Collection. But keep in mind that our map posters aren’t just decorative pieces; they’re silent storytellers, each narrating a unique tale of places near and far​.

This latest collection is a testament to this ethos. Featuring 15 of the most prominent and unique islands within the USA, this collection is a visual journey to the serene and picturesque landscapes of islands like Block Island, Fire Island, Martha’s Vineyard, Maui, Nantucket, and Ocracoke, among others​​.

This collection is actually made up of two different collections depicting the same islands but in different styles. One is a modern style with vivid blue and white colors, and it is called the US Islands Colored Maps collection. The posters from the other series are designed in a classic style that resembles ancient maps that you might find in a museum. Thus, this second series is called US Islands Vintage Maps.

St Croix Antique Map Framed
Framed antique map poster of St. Croix, U.S. Virgin Islands

US Islands Colored Maps Collection

Our US Islands Colored Maps collection is more than just a set of posters. It’s a voyage to the heart of the USA’s most cherished islands. Each poster is a blend of meticulous design, high-quality materials, and a love for the unique tales that every island tells. With a range of sizes available, these posters are a perfect fit for various spaces, whether you’re looking to adorn your home or add a touch of elegance to your office. And its bright colors will ensure it brings a dash of summer island vibes into your space.
Now, let’s go over some of the posters in this collection so you can see for yourself what it contains.

Block Island Map Poster

One of the gems in this collection is the Block Island Map Poster, which encapsulates the quintessence of Block Island’s tranquility and natural beauty. The blue and white hues of the poster evoke a sense of wonder and wanderlust, offering a visual escape to the serene shores of Block Island. You can see how such posters would be ideal gifts for friends and family who visited or lived on these islands. This is a good time to mention that each purchase from this collection not only adorns your space with a piece of art but also contributes to a greener planet as we plant a tree for every map sold​.

Block Island Rhode Island Colored US Island Map
Colored map poster of Block Island, Rhode Island

Catalina Map Poster

Similarly, the Catalina Map Poster is another exquisite piece that transports you to the stunning island of Catalina near the southern California coast. Known for its breathtaking natural beauty, Catalina Island is a popular vacation destination, and this poster is a way to bring a piece of that serene beauty into your home or workspace. You can clearly see the vivid blue color depicting the sea and how it contrasts with the contours of the island. The poster, like others in the collection, is available in different sizes and is printed on museum-quality paper to ensure it stands the test of time​​.

Catalina California Colored US Island Map
Colored map poster of Catalina, California

Key West Map Poster

Immerse yourself in the tropical allure of Key West with our vibrant Key West Map Poster from the US Islands Colored Maps collection. Depicting the southernmost point of the continental USA, this poster is an invitation to explore Key West’s thriving arts scene and picturesque shoreline. Its bright blue and white colors evoke a feeling of summer and beach time. This will be a gateway to a tropical paradise right there on your wall, ready to transform any space into a visual journey to Key West.

Key West Florida Colored US Island Map
Colored map poster of Key West, Florida

US Islands Vintage Map Posters

Navigating from the lively and modern auras of our Colored Maps, let’s sail back in time with Winter Museo’s second collection in the series into an era where cartography was not only a science but also a cherished form of art. Drift away on a sea of nostalgia with our US Islands Vintage Maps Collection, where each piece is an immaculate fusion of aesthetic antiquity and modern reality. Every vintage map in this series, featuring cherished US islands like Nantucket, Key West, and Marco, will feel like a window to the past thanks to its art style but will still keep the functionality of a modern map.
So now you can see that this is not just a collection of map posters; it’s an exquisite gateway to adventures, stories, and faraway places from the comfort of your own space. But let’s delve deeper, shall we, into some of the islands depicted in this collection.

Martha’s Vineyard Vintage Map Poster

The Martha’s Vineyard Vintage Map Poster, one of the star attractions in this collection, renders the famed summer destination of Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts, in a minimalistic yet evocative vintage style that reminds you of an ancient map belonging to a museum. This piece, like the others in the collection, serves as an artistic conduit through which you can traverse the quaint streets and serene beaches of Martha’s Vineyard, all from the vantage point of your home or office.

Marthas Vineyard Massachusetts Vintage US Island Map
Vintage map poster of Marthas, Vineyard

Maui Vintage Map Poster

Taking a detour to the Pacific, the Maui Vintage Map Poster invites a gaze into the tropical allure of Maui, Hawaii, with its vintage colors echoing the island’s lush landscapes and tranquil beaches. It almost makes you feel like you are an explorer from the Age of Sail, looking for that lost island. As you can see, it is a perfect gift for anyone who loves this place. It’s more than just a poster; it’s a gateway to the serene, natural beauty and the adventurous spirit that Maui encapsulates.

Maui Hawaii Vintage US Island Map
Vintage map poster of Maui, Hawaii

Ocracoke Vintage Map Poster

Further, the collection takes you back to the eastern shores with the Ocracoke Vintage Map Poster. Known for its rich history as a pirate hideout, the map not only depicts the unique geographical contours of Ocracoke Island in North Carolina but also evokes the feeling of buried treasures awaiting discovery. The map’s vintage style, coupled with its rich narrative, makes it a conversation starter, ensuring your walls are adorned with stories as captivating as the design itself.

Ocracoke North Carolina Vintage US Island Map
Vintage map poster of Ocracoke, North Carolina


Winter Museo is not just a place to find posters; it’s a place where each poster serves as a canvas, painting pictures of distant lands, evoking wanderlust, and narrating tales of adventure and tranquility. Our US Islands Maps collections are an embodiment of this idea, awaiting a space on your wall to share the myriad stories of the US islands. As we already said, all our posters are printed on museum-quality paper to ensure longevity. They are available in three different sizes, catering to varying space requirements, and are hand-packaged with care to ensure they reach you in perfect condition. So whether you are looking for that mysterious feel of ancient history or a modern island summer vibe, we got just what you need!

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