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LGBTQ Maps Collection – Maps of Love

West Village New York City LGBTQ Map Poster

Introduction & Winter Museo map collections

Within the walls of Winter Museo, we’ve been hard at work on a delightful blend of geography and artistry fused into our expansive collection of map posters. These are not just maps but stories, told through the intricate lines of streets, boulevards, and alleys. You’ll be happy to hear that our gallery houses plenty of captivating collections. From the vintage allure of Antique Italy City Maps and the modern precision of Blueprint US City Maps to the exotic charm of the Mexican Cartel Style City Maps, each collection adds a distinct voice to our artistic choir. But there’s one chorus that’s been particularly resonating lately, drawing admiration from far and wide: the LGBTQ+ Map Collection. And soon we will dive deeper into it.

But first you might ask, why did we decide on creating all these map collections? Well, in a world eager to share stories and histories, what better way to showcase the vibrant tapestry of each of these communities than through the streets they’ve built? Additionally, Shea, the founder of Winter Museo, travelled over much of the world and always wanted to create something to express his love and appreciation for the regions he visited. Now let’s delve deeper into one particular collection that has both critics and homeowners talking.

Hillcrest San Diego Map LGBTQ Poster
LGBTQ Poster of Hillcrest, San Diego

Why We Made the LGBTQ Maps Collection

In the vast tapestry of global cities, some places stand out not just for their architecture or historical significance, but for the communities they house. The LGBTQ-friendly cities and neighbourhoods are such bastions of acceptance, celebration, and identity. Our intent behind the LGBTQ maps is straightforward: we wish to give these iconic cities the representation they deserve. By putting them on the canvas, we’re not just highlighting streets but celebrating the stories, parades, pride, and myriad emotions that fill these lanes. Each of these vibrant and colorful maps underscores the significance of places that have given solace, pride, and identity to many.

Gayborhood Philadelphia Map LGBTQ Poster
LGBTQ Poster of Gayborhood, Philadelphia

Winter Museo’s Unique LGBTQ Neighbourhoods Map Posters Collection

Our LGBTQ Neighborhood Map Posters aren’t merely works of art; they’re feats of craftsmanship. Produced with archival pigment on museum-quality paper, these prints are designed to withstand time. Available in various dimensions, from the modest 12×16″ to the imposing 30×40″, each poster is a testament to Winter Museo’s commitment to quality. The vibrant hues, juxtaposed with the precise street layouts, make them visually arresting. Beyond the aesthetics, they’re meticulously packaged, ensuring that when your art reaches you it is in pristine condition. An embodiment of our dedication to both the cause and the craft.

Each poster, from the humming streets of West Hollywood to the charismatic lanes of Gay Village, tells a story that resonates with both the LGBTQ community and its allies. It’s a celebration in colors, lines, and patterns. A tribute to unity, love, and resilience. So, next time you pass by one of these posters, whether in our gallery or on a friend’s wall, remember the stories they hold. And who knows? Maybe you’ll be inspired to add one to your collection, ensuring that these tales of love and unity continue to be told. Now let us show you what we offer.

Logan City Washington DC Map LGBTQ Poster
LGBTQ Poster of Logan City, Washington DC

The Boystown LGBTQ Map Poster

The Boystown LGBTQ Map Poster paints a vivid picture of this iconic Chicago district, colored in the vibrant shades of the rainbow. More than just a visual delight, this poster stands as a beacon of support for the LGBTQ+ movement, poised to add color and conviction to your living space.

Also known as as Northalsted and celebrated as the United States’ first official gay neighborhood, Boystown pulsates with a unique spirit. Its streets come alive during Pride Month, with the Chicago Pride Parade taking center stage. Beyond its famed nightclubs and electrifying parties, Boystown emanates a warmth and inclusivity that’s hard to miss. Playing host to a myriad of festivals, it’s no wonder this district draws admirers from every corner of the nation.

Boystown Chicago LGBTQ Map Poster
LGBTQ poster of Boystown, Chicago

The French Quarter LGBTQ Map Poster

The French Quarter is the historic heart of New Orleans and is steeped in antiquity and charm. Originally conceived as a square, its name “Vieux Carré” – translating to “old square” in French – is a nod to its beginnings. This district, marked by significant architectural wonders and a rich tapestry of bars and eateries, also boasts a vibrant LGBTQ+ scene. This cultural fusion is what makes the French Quarter LGBTQ Map Poster an indispensable gem in our collection.

St. Ann Street, arguably the pulsating LGBTQ+ artery of the Quarter, is renowned for its festive spirit. Yearly events hosted here are not just celebrations, they are affirmations of community and unity, making it a beacon for both locals and visitors alike.

French Quarter New Orleans LGBTQ Map Poster
LGBTQ poster of French Quarter, New Orleans

South End Boston LGBTQ Map Print

The South End of Boston, a patchwork of historic charm and modern sophistication, holds a significant place in the city’s heart. Nestled amongst the brick and brownstone row houses, which are icons of its 19th-century architecture, is an undercurrent of vibrant LGBTQ+ culture.

The South End Boston LGBTQ Map Print offers more than a visual journey—it’s an immersion into a community that’s both rich in history and dynamically current. Here, chic art galleries and fashionable boutiques coexist with some of the city’s most beloved gay bars and events. And with its welcoming parks and thriving community centers, South End is a testament to the city’s enduring commitment to inclusivity.

So, as you gaze upon this print, know that it’s more than a map of an area of Boston. It’s a mosaic of histories, cultures, and proud moments. Whether you’re a local or an admirer from afar, this map beckons you to explore and celebrate South End’s enduring legacy.

South End Boston LGBTQ Map Poster
LGBTQ poster of South End, Boston

The Castro LGBTQ Map Print

Ah, The Castro! San Francisco’s jewel, renowned globally as a beacon of LGBTQ+ pride and activism. This neighborhood, pulsating with life and rich history, stands as a testament to the enduring spirit of the community it represents.

Our Castro LGBTQ Map Print captures the essence of this legendary district. Set against the backdrop of San Francisco’s rolling hills, The Castro, with its iconic rainbow flags and vibrant murals, has been the epicenter of monumental moments in LGBTQ+ history.

But it’s not all past; The Castro thrives today with trendy cafes, historic theaters, and bustling nightclubs. And let’s not forget the annual events that turn its streets into a carnival of colors, sounds, and emotions.

As you gaze upon this print, you’re seeing more than a map. You’re witnessing a legacy. From the days of Harvey Milk to today’s celebrations, The Castro remains a symbol of resilience, acceptance, and unyielding pride. Dive into its lanes, stories, and spirit with this evocative representation.

The Castro San Francisco LGBTQ Map Poster
LGBTQ poster of The Castro, San Francisco

West Village

The West Village of New York City – where cobblestone streets meander unpredictably- is much like the fascinating tales that have unfolded here. An integral part of Manhattan’s vibrant tapestry, this place is a crossroad of history, culture, and activism, especially for the LGBTQ+ community.

Our West Village LGBTQ Map Print captures the soul of this unique area. Once a haven for artists, writers, and thinkers, today it is an emblematic space of LGBTQ+ milestones. It’s in these very streets that the Stonewall Uprising, a watershed moment for LGBTQ+ rights, ignited a global movement.

Beyond its historical significance, the West Village is a kaleidoscope of experiences. From its charming cafes that have hosted poetic musings for decades to its iconic bars that have been the backdrop of countless stories of hope and acceptance, every corner holds a tale.

The West Village is more than just a location—it’s an affirmation of love, identity, and pride. Let this map shine on the wall of every member and ally of the LGBT community that loves this place.

West Village New York City LGBTQ Map Poster
LGBTQ poster of West Village, New York City


Our curated collection of LGBTQ Map Posters offers not just a vibrant aesthetic for your walls but an opportunity to journey through historic neighborhoods that have defined LGBTQ+ movements globally. Dive into these colorful narratives, and let your spaces resonate with tales of courage and unity. Explore, embrace, and express with Winter Museo’s unique cartographic artistry.



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