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Italian Street Map Collection Released

Bologna Italy Vintage Map Poster

Italian Street Map Collections

Italy is a country that draws many visitors with its natural beauty, scenic landscapes, historic architecture, and beautiful waters on three sides. Since the time of the Romans, this country has often been the center of historical events and developments. When the Roman Empire fell, Italy retained importance because of the Vatican and the Pope. Later it became the center of the Renaissance, famous for its artists and unique cities. All of this created a huge amount of cultural wealth that today drives massive numbers of tourists to this great country. I have been there many times. That is why I decided to create these Italian Street Map collections, featuring 21 famous Italian cities. I selected two styles of maps and made a collection for each one. These are the Chalkboard Italy City Map collection and the Vintage Italian Street Maps collection.

Vintage Maps of Italy

Are you tired of browsing the internet looking for a specific type of Italy street map? Or are you looking to buy an Italy maps poster collection? We have a large selection of vintage-style Italian street map posters. They include many famous cities such as Florence, Venice, Milan, Rome, Naples, and more. Best of all, they are all made with high-quality paper and ink. We also do worldwide delivery. So, wherever you are, rest assured that we will deliver your map.

The reason we decided to go for a vintage style is the fact that vintage maps of Italy are some of the most valuable antique maps on the market today. Owning one can be quite expensive. We created our modern maps of Italian cities in this style as an affordable alternative. Our Italian street map collection has that vintage feel that makes these old maps so interesting.


Street Map of Florence, Italy

Florence, one of the most beautiful cities in all of Italy, was a no-brainer to include in this street map collection. It is one of the most admired cultural cities in Europe. Tourists from all over the world come to Florence to see its amazing churches, monuments, bridges, streets, and more. Famous places such as the Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore and the bridge Ponte Vecchio make this a must-see city.

This street map of Florence, Italy will be a great gift for those who love history and art, as well as anyone planning a trip to the city. A Florence city center map will be a great reminder as to how beautiful the city is and the places they explored during their stay. So, if you are looking for a decorative Italian street map then there’s no reason for you to ignore this Florence Map Poster.

Florence Italy Vintage Map Poster
Vintage map poster of Florence, Italy

City of Naples Map

Naples is one of Italy’s most interesting cities. Located on the western coast, it has a rich history of more than 2,000 years. It is also home to Sorrento, a well-renowned beach in the country. Naples is rich in historical sites, including the Arco del Tarquinia, the ruins of the ancient city of Pompeii, and the beautiful Capodimonte.

This City of Naples map highlights some of the most famous places in Naples. This map shows the streets of Naples in a stylized manner and covers most of the city area. Those familiar with the city layout will immediately notice the key features and recognize them. We made this vintage-style Naples road map from high-quality paper and ink. It will be great memorabilia for tourists who fell in love with the city or those with a nostalgia for Naples, for any reason.

If you are looking for gift ideas for your traveler friend who has been to Naples, you will never go wrong with this Naples street map.

Naples Italy Vintage Map Poster
Vintage map poster of Naples, Italy

Street Map of Rome

Rome, the eternal city, is one place that everyone should visit at least once. It is probably the city that influenced our modern western culture the most. As such, it is full of history and culture. No matter when you are visiting the City of Rome, you’ll be in for a treat.

One of the more interesting and intriguing aspects of the city of Rome that many people glance over is the names of the city streets. The Romans had a particular naming convention; they named their streets after mythological figures. For example, the Via Della Lungara was named after the god Apuleius, and the Via Dei Coronari after the mythological hero Coroebus. Additionally, the Via Delle Botteghe Oscure was named after the god of the underworld and destruction. You can see all of these on our street map of Rome, Italy.

Every fan of this city must have something of the city that stays with them, and this vintage map of Rome is ideal. So if you think you know someone with that sentiment, purchasing our Street Map of Rome for their home or office will be a great gift.

Rome Italy Vintage Map Poster
Vintage map poster of Rome, Italy

Chalkboard Maps of Italian Cities

Our second Italy maps collection is the Italy Chalkboard City Maps collection which features the same 21 famous cities. As the name implies, the style is reminiscent of a chalkboard, while the streets are shown in white and yellow. This creates a unique look that complements many of your living spaces. Like our other print collections, the maps come in 3 different sizes for your convenience.

Venice Wall Art Map

Everyone has heard of Venice. This is truly one of the most beautiful and unique cities in the world. The old section of Venice is located completely on water. With its beautiful buildings, canals, art, and music, it is no wonder Venice is so recognizable. This city has a long history of being a major seaport and a major resort for the wealthy. Our Venice city map is a beautiful representation of a striking city that is both a World Heritage Site and a major tourist attraction.

This Venice Wall Art Map from our Italian street map collection is perfect for decorating many spaces. From rooms and dorms to hotel rooms or even a restaurant. The city’s famous shape makes it instantly recognizable. The artist made this wall art map in a very unique and stylish way. Because of this you can place it anywhere in a room or a restaurant. If you are looking for a Venice wall art map, you are at the right place!

Venice Italy Chalkboard Map Wall Art Print
Chalkboard map of Venice, Italy

Milan City Map

The city of Milan is the capital of the Lombardy region, and it is a well-known city that has been settled since Roman times. People with many different interests find something special in Milan. From sports fans to fans of arts and fashion. Milan has been called the city of the Renaissance, the city of fashion, the city of cinema, the city of music, and the city of fashion.

This is indeed an interesting city. So much history. So much style. You can’t help but be impressed with everything it offers. From the famous Duomo to the iconic La Scala, it’s the ideal spot for a weekend getaway. And an ideal candidate for our Italian street map collection.

Maps and city plans are a great way to illustrate and explain the layout of a city or region. Of course, Milan is no exception. This Milan city map will showcase your love for this city and decorate your living space with a stylish representation of its streets. As you noticed, the maps from the Italian street map collection may not be the ones you would use to navigate the city, but they will bring beauty into your home and always remind you of the beautiful cities of Italy.

Milan Italy Chalkboard Map Wall Art Print
Chalkboard map of Milan, Italy



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