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  For every print sold we plant one tree!      Free shipping for orders over $125!

Philosophers Poster Art Collection

Dante Illustration Wall Art

Today I would like to present to you our latest Famous Philosophers Poster Collection. It features 15 famous philosophers and thinkers from all over the globe. These are must-have prints for every fan of philosophy.

Why Should You Get a Famous Philosophers Poster?

Are you a fan of the great ancient philosophers, or would you prefer those living in more modern times? Whatever the case may be, these posters are the thing for you. Many business owners and homeowners purchase famous philosopher posters to decorate their establishment or the rooms of their homes. Like photographs and paintings, our famous philosophers’ posters will embellish a space without hurting your budget. Perhaps they can even bring a bit of additional wisdom to the area. So, what are the types of philosophers’ posters available?

The many choices of posters available make it easy for you to find what you’re looking for. You may purchase a poster to hang on your wall or give one as a gift for philosophy-loving friends and family members. You can also use these posters in a classroom as an introduction aid, to reinforce a lesson, or as review material.

Our Philosophers Poster Collection

You can browse our selection of philosopher posters and look for the design and style that appeals most to you. We are elevating posters into art, as they are clearly decorative but may also open up communication for meaningful discussion. We print all of our posters on satin museum-quality paper. As a result, we get images with a lot of details as well as rich and vibrant colors.

Our philosopher posters include some of the greatest Philosophers, such as:

  • Plato
  • Aristotle
  • Socrates
  • Karl Max
  • Sun Tzu

Buddha Wall Art

Many people on all corners of the globe follow and admire the teachings of the man who came to be known as The Buddha. However, the existence of Buddha in the home is believed by many to bring deeper personal understanding and spiritual enlightenment. Buddha wall art is a reminder to live mindfully, and some Buddhists and Hindus believe it is also a sign of wealth and prosperity.

The Buddha is a symbol of happiness and good fortune. Following years of introspection and meditation, the Buddha was able to rid himself of worry and stress. He achieved Nirvana, a state of complete realization and eternal bliss which transcends time. With our Buddha wall art you can be reminded daily to live by the Buddhist teachings, bringing more peace and joy into your life. Above all, we live in a hectic world. The Buddha poster from our Philosophers poster collection is a reminder that you should take time to breathe and concentrate on yourself.

Buddha Illustration Wall Art Philosophers Poster
Illustration of philosopher Buddha by Teo R.

Karl Marx Poster

Browse our wide selection of Karl Marx posters and look for the best design for you. If you are interested in the works of this major modern figure, his poster will be a great addition to your collection. Karl Marx was born in 1818 and died in 1883.  He was an author and philosopher. Moreover, his theories about communism and capitalism are very popular. Our Karl Marx posters are available in different sizes and printed on superior museum-quality paper with a smooth gloss finish. These are ideal for framing or to display in a dorm room. In addition, prints can decorate schools, offices or homes.

Marx Illustration Wall Art Philosophers Poster
Illustration of philosopher Marx by Teo R.

Confucius Poster

No philosophers print collection is complete without a poster of Confucius. Confucius is renowned as the first teacher in China who wanted to make education widely accessible. Moreover, he was instrumental in developing the art of teaching as a vocation. This philosopher also established ethical, social, and moral standards, which created a way of life known as Confucianism.

You can hang these posters in dorms, offices, bedrooms, or anywhere on blank walls. In addition, we print all images professionally on a high-grade satin photo paper using UV-resistant inks.

Confucius Illustration Wall Art Philosophers Poster
Illustration of philosopher Confucius by Teo R.

Nietzsche Poster

This was a no-brainer to include in our collection. Nietzsche was a renowned German philosopher, cultural critic, poet, composer, writer, and philologist. His masterpiece has exerted a profound influence on contemporary intellectual history. He is renowned for his writing on good and evil, the idea of a superhuman, and the end of religion in modern society.

If you are looking for high-quality Nietzsche posters, you have come to the right place. We have wide selection of Nietzsche posters available in different designs and sizes in our Philosophers Poster collection. We print all of these posters on superior quality paper. Besides that, we roll all of our prints in plastic sleeves to ensure safe delivery.

Nietzsche Illustration Wall Art Philosophers Poster
Illustration of philosopher Nietzsche by Teo R.

Plato Poster

Plato was a renowned philosopher during the fifth century BCE. Many consider him to be the greatest philosopher of the ancient era in the west. As a student of Socrates and a lecturer of Aristotle, he wrote a lot of philosophical texts. All in all, his poster is a must-have for any fan of Greek philosophy.

Check out our wide selection of Plato posters for the best custom, unique, handmade pieces from different artists. These posters are ideal for reinforcing a lesson or as review material. All in all, this is a perfect way to let your students know more about Plato and his works with the help of these posters.

Our posters are of exceptional quality and will surely go along with your space or room. In addition, you can customize your Plato posters with many different frame options.

Plato Illustration Wall Art Philosophers Poster
Illustration of philosopher Plato by Teo R.

Socrates Poster 

Socrates was a philosopher from Athens, Greece. He was the founder of Western philosophy or the philosophical thinking of the western culture. He was a legendary figure in his time. In conclusion, he is another great philosopher to add to your philosophers poster collection. Why not purchase Socrates and Plato together to start a collection?

Your home or office is an excellent opportunity to show who you are to others. You can make a bold statement with the help of our Socrates poster. Besides that, you can get one for a family member or friend.

Socrates Illustration Wall Art
Illustration of philosopher Socrates by Teo R.

Sun Tzu Poster 

Sun Tzu was a Chinese military general and strategist. In addition, he is also the author of The Art of War, an influential book on military strategy. It is still popular today.  There is no certainty as to his date of birth, but it is said to have been in 544BC.  In the Western world, many people know about the name Sun Tzu. It is a honorary name which means “Master Sun.”

Are you impressed by the bravery and intellect of Sun Tzu?  If so, why not value his deeds by setting up a Sun Tzu poster in your home or office. This will be a good reminder of the importance of social order and peace. In our wide selection of philosophy posters, we had to include the poster of the war artist Sun Tzu.

Sun Tzu Illustration Wall Art Philosophers Poster
Illustration of philosopher Sun Tzu by Teo R.

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