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Office Art Prints – Abstract Poster Collection

Dandelion Warm Abstract Poster

How to find the best corporate decor

Do you want your offices to look good and reflect your company’s brand? Of course, but how do you find the best corporate decor for your office? Your decor helps to set the tone for your workplace. We are here to help you discern corporate wall art that will leave everyone impressed. To make your job easier, we have put together a gallery where you can find something for all types of offices whether you work for a company, own your own company or are looking to start your own business. Choosing artwork for your office space is not as simple as choosing art for your home. However, we are here to provide valuable suggestions to help you choose the right art for your office.

What is great office wall decor for your business

Finding office wall art to enhance your business space can be a time-consuming task for any business owner. Art in the workplace can uplift mood and productivity, and creates an aesthetic ambience which may be essential to improving morale and positive energy. Who says that office walls should be boring? We have modern office decor available to you, which will inspire and motivate your employees.

Creating the right kind of atmosphere in your office is essential. Excellent office wall decoration is more than just beautiful. It serves to inspire individuals and create a more robust work environment. Wall art speaks to your brand without you having to spend a ton of time on it.

Music Warm Abstract Poster
Warm abstract poster of Music

Professional office decor ideas

Creating a comfortable, relaxed, and creative working environment can be challenging. With some small and simple changes, you can raise the level of professionalism in your office space. We can give you some professional office decor ideas that work great anywhere. There’s been an explosion of businesses implementing dynamic, artistic pieces into their offices, making even the dullest workspace feel comfy as home. These office wall decor ideas work for a range of environments, including coworking spaces and home offices. In other words, it is time to give your room a dose of inspiration with some fresh art.

Why office wall art is important?

Have you ever walked into an office and noticed that the place looked rather plain and boring? That can certainly have a negative impact on employees and clients. Office wall art is one of the easiest ways to revitalize and freshen up your office interior. One of the first things a potential customer sees upon entering your premises is the visual art displayed within. No matter how big or small your business is, wall art for office buildings will make an impression from the entrance. Check out some creative office wall art here and imagine your office with it. What do you think?

Great office posters to liven up your working environment

Here at Winter Museo, we recently launched a new abstract art collection that is ideal for offices. If you are looking for office posters that lean towards the abstract, this is the perfect collection for you. There are many different artworks in the collection. Each has a different theme and comes in 4 color variations. As with all our posters, they are available in three sizes. That way, you can find the one that best fits your needs and environment. If you already own some of our posters, you know that they are made on museum-quality fine art paper using only the highest quality ink. The same is true for these abstract office posters.

Now let’s review the specific posters which are split into 14 themes, from butterflies to volcanoes. Each has four color variants. In total, there are 52 different posters. These are some of my favorites:

Butterfly and the Moon

Have you ever seen a butterfly at night? I’m pretty sure you have not. You see, butterflies are active during the day; at night they hide and rest and let moths take over. So in a way, a butterfly has never been able to enjoy the full beauty of the Moon. Until now. Art allows us to make the impossible possible. The colors of the poster put emphasis on the butterfly and the Moon, framing the two together. Overall, I like it a lot.

Butterfly Sun Warm Abstract Poster
Warm abstract poster of Butterfly

The Blue Branch

Next up, we have the Blue Branch poster that depicts the branch of an unknown tree rising to the sky. Once again, the Moon provides a sort of a frame inside the image. This time daylight is portrayed. To me, this poster invokes a feeling of hope. I think all the progress and the opportunity for growth in the future. Sounds ideal for a piece of office art, don’t you agree? The cool blue hue gives it a relaxing feel which I enjoy.

Branch Sun Cool Abstract Poster
Cool abstract poster of Branch

The Leaf

Staying with the botanical theme, we have the Leaf poster Or the leaf’s structure to be more precise. You can clearly see what makes up the whole leaf: capillaries and veins that criss-cross it. I love this print because it reminds me that everything is made up of parts that depend on one another and create something greater together. The same is true for plants, people, societies, and companies. That’s why I think it would be a great piece of office art in any setting.

Leaf Original Abstract Poster
Original abstract poster of Leaf

Red Desert Flight

Now let’s take a trip to a barren desert. This poster is close to my heart because it reminds me of my time in the United Arab Emirates. I was flying over a similar desert with a red sun in the distance. Only I was in a hot air balloon and not a biplane. But it is close enough! If you want a piece of art that will inspire your adventurous spirit, this is the one I would recommend to you.

Desert Warm Abstract Poster
Warm abstract poster of Desert

Purple Volcano

Inspire an eruption of creativity in your office space with this beautiful abstract art poster of a volcano. As you can see, it depicts an erupting volcano under a violet sky. Once again, the Moon perfectly frames the volcano. I just love the color play here, especially the transition from pink to the purple sky. This is simultaneously exciting and soothing. I’m sure that this art piece would not be out of place in most offices.

Volcano Original Abstract Poster
Original abstract poster of Volcano

Looking for more examples of wall art from Winter Museo? Check out our 20+ categories of posters to see which will fit best in your office!

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