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  For every print sold we plant one tree!      Free shipping for orders over $125!

Famous Artists Prints Collection

Klimt Illustration Wall Art

Posters of Famous Artists

Art is incredible, isn’t it? No matter what type of art you are into, it serves as a constant flow of inspiration to you and the people around you. Our newest website addition is an incredible gallery with famous artists prints. People have always had the need to create art throughout history. There are innumerable art museums around the world. All of them bring spectacular art acquired over centuries into the reach of all humanity. But interestingly, only a few art pieces become truly famous. Our goal was to compile the list of the most renowned influential artists in the last couple of centuries.

Why did we choose to create artwork of artists? Well, the answer is simple. Although art is the primary and most recognizable product of every artist, in the end, it all comes down to the creator, that individual that was behind it. Instead of just giving a name or a nod for the work of producing art, why not create art as a credit? I hope you agree that it’s an interesting idea and that’s what Winter Museo is all about. Our primary goal is to reinvent the gallery shop. Famous artists prints are just one way to show our unique style and we are sure you will love it. In this blog post, we’ll talk about some of our selected posters. If you would like to see our entire collection, make sure to click here and open Famous Artists Collection on our website.

Michelangelo Illustration Wall Art
Illustration of famous artist Michelangelo

Cezanne Prints

Let’s start with the Paul Cezanne portrait print. Cezanne was an innovative French painter. He did not exhibit his works publicly for 20 years and many of the galleries used to reject his work. Constant rejections had a bad impact on him and depression almost got the best of him. However, Cezanne didn’t give up. He was persistent in submitting his work and was eventually recognized. As he developed his career as an artist, he was selecting only subjects that he could study for longer periods. One of his characteristics is that he worked slowly and methodically. His career lasted for 46 years. He created more than 900 oil paintings and over 400 watercolors. Interestingly, some of his most famous works of art are portraits. Right now, we are not showcasing his famous portraits. Instead, you can check out a poster print of Cezanne himself, available on our website.

Cezanne Famous Artist Poster
Illustration of famous artist Cezanne

Monet Print

Claude Monet was a French painter known as the founder of French Impressionist painting. He was interested in artistry from an early age. While Monet was in secondary school, he used to create caricatures of the locals and sell them. As he developed as an artist, the biggest source of inspiration for him was his garden. He is famous for his paintings of controlled nature and was greatly fascinated and influenced by Japanese art. Here at Winter Museo, we won’t bring you his caricatures or his paintings of nature. We are bringing you a print of Monet himself. It can serve as a perfect decoration for your home. The Claude Monet poster has a unique style and it’s printed on high-quality archival paper. Art lovers all around the world can get it and bring his graciousness and flair to their interiors.

Monet Illustration Wall Art
Illustration of famous artist Monet

Rembrandt Poster

The next exhibit in our Famous Artists Prints Collection is the Rembrandt poster. Rembrandt was a Dutch painter and printmaker. He is one of the best storytellers in the history of art. Rembrandt is also known as a painter of light and shade. He made art that was a revelation back in the 19th century and today. An interesting fact about Rembrandt is that he struggled with money throughout his life. He was notoriously irresponsible with his money and ended up bankrupt. One of the reasons for his bankruptcy was his passion for collecting antiquities and his compulsion to keep adding to his art collection! If Winter Museo were around in the 19th century, we are sure that Rembrandt would have been one of our best customers! Unfortunately, Rembrandt is not alive anymore so he can’t become our top customer, but you can do it! Why not add a Rembrandt print from the Winter Museo gallery to your collection? It will help keep the memory of this exquisite artist alive while enhancing your home with wonderfully designed art.

Rembrandt Illustration Wall Art Famous Artists Prints
Illustration of famous artist Rembrandt

Van Gogh Poster

Van Gogh was a Dutch Painter. Generally, many people consider him the second greatest, just after Rembrandt. While he was young, he experimented with several different jobs – he was a teacher, art dealer, lay minister, and many more! Van Gogh’s art became extremely popular after his death in the late 20th century. As an artist, he tried to express psychological and emotional responses to the world through striking colors and expressive images. He created over 900 paintings in just 10 years. To show appreciation for his work, you should consider getting the Van Gogh poster from the Winter Museo shop page. Our Van Gogh posters are unique pieces of art and are available in three different sizes: 12×16″, 18×24″, and 30×40″. Get your Van Gogh wall art now!

Van Gogh Illustration Wall Art
Illustration of famous artist Van Gogh

Da Vinci Print

The last featured poster from our Famous Artists collection is the Da Vinci Poster. Leonardo Da Vinci was born in Anchiano, Italy in 1452 and studied at the University of Florence. He is best known as an artist, although he worked as a scientist and inventor too! If you look for a perfect short description of Da Vinci, you might say he was a great Italian artist with an interest in everything. His most famous and iconic painting is Mona Lisa. His style, creativity and execution was truly unique for his time. Da Vinci definitely deserves a place in our collection of Famous Artists prints. Leonardo Da Vinci serves as a constant reminder that as long as there is interest in something, only the sky is the limit. Get a Da Vinci poster from the Winter Museo right now!

Da Vinci Illustration Wall Art Famous Artists Prints
Illustration of famous artist Da Vinci

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