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Collecting Art – Why collect and where to begin?

Collecting Art Where To Begin

Why should you collect art?

The beauty, reality, joy, and bitterness of life are given expression in works of art. The artist’s thoughts and emotions, hopes, and fears are readily depicted and on display. Art aficionados are collecting art that conveys their distinct individualism. An art collection may be triggered by an innate love for art pieces, for décor in one’s home, or as an investment. Not to mention the fact that fine art collection can be a lucrative business to venture into. For some, it is just to own an object that is part of history.

Whatever your motivating factor, art collection can be tedious because it requires a devotion of time and an intricate knowledge of the art world. If you want to venture into acquiring an art collection but have questions about where to begin and how to build your collection, you might consider these hints which will surely guide you on starting up your collection.



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Art Collecting 101

How to build an art collection?

When one is being driven to buy a piece of art it is usually based on the impulse of the moment, which is led primarily by one’s personal likes and preferences. Having a collection is an entirely different story with a broader goal in mind. Rather than a by-product of impulsive buying, the art collector is making a long-term commitment.

Art collection requires a blend of many talents and skills. First, you want to develop your individual taste with an eye for the art that will retain its value over time. Additionally, building on your background knowledge and fine-tuning your visual acuity is necessary to create appropriate groupings of art pieces in order to form a well-coordinated collection.

How to collect art on a budget?

Art pieces, like precious gems, do not depreciate through time. Their value tends to continuously appreciate instead. Investing in an art collection can entail a great amount of money for each individual piece. It can be a challenging proposition if you are on a tight budget. However, there are certain ways to decrease the cost and acquire a good art collection on a budget.

If you are looking for art pieces that are less in price, you should opt to buy the artwork from an emerging artist. In most scenarios, the work of an emerging artist will be less expensive to buy than if you were to buy artwork from an already established and more sought-after artist. AS you can see, collecting art on a budget is possible.

Importance of art in interior design

Interior design and artwork are intertwined, and one should always complement the other. A significant piece of art in the room will likely be the focal point of an interior designer, as he or she creates an ambiance that will pull everything together for an aesthetically pleasing result.

Every piece of art in the room plays a part in creating the desired ambiance. It doesn’t matter whether it is recognizable (painted by a well-known artist) or if the artist is unknown; it boils down to the fact that each piece you display has a personal attraction and speaks to the personality of the owner of the place. You can be certain that your guests will draw impressions and make some conclusions based on the art in your living space.

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Why do people like art?

The evolution of human culture is depicted through art, from primitive drawings in ancient caves to the millennial artists whose works fill the galleries of our cities. You could say that art is a vital part of human existence. There are various reasons for people to be drawn into artwork. Undeniably, all forms of art have the capacity to drive one to think deeply and often to see things differently. Art can ignite the imaginative mind of the spectator in such a way that he or she feels a part of the piece as if they have traveled through time and space.

Gazing upon a piece of art may also arouse a plethora of emotions. It can make you feel anger, empathy, disgust, or even desire or lust. Art awakens a part of us that often lies dormant, buried beneath the hustle and bustle of daily living. It often serves as a medium, bringing us closer to who we really are.

Investing in art for beginners

It is a myth that indulging in the arts, especially the idea of owning an art collection, has to burn a hole in one’s pocket. This myth has already been repudiated by recent trends. It’s becoming common knowledge that folks from all walks of life can enjoy a personal art collection without financial drain.

As a beginner at collecting art, you must keep in mind that knowledge is power. If you want to have a great collection, you will need a deeper knowledge of certain art pieces. Going to an exhibition or auction without prior knowledge is not recommended. It is best to put some time into acquiring background information about the artworks, such as medium, concepts, movements, and the style of the artists.

When it comes to who is creating the artwork, you might ask yourself questions such as where does the artist live and work, where did they study art, which galleries or museums have they exhibited in, and have they been published in any magazines or industry newsletters?
Being a collector, one ought to feel a connection with the piece of art chosen as well as with the artist and his or her intention. If you follow these guidelines and learn more about collecting unique and inventive artwork, I am certain you will become skilled at investing in art. Now I will tell you why I invest in art.

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By Steve McCurry Artwork Collection

Here at Winter Museo, we do not just sell fine art prints; we also collect artwork we love. I recently purchased a 30×40″ print from a famous National Geographic Photographer, Steve McCurry. The fine art print that I purchased is one of only 15 printed. It is one of Steve McCurry’s best-known photos from Mongolia that depicts a hunter with his eagle. Being from the United States, I grew up looking at Steve’s images through National Geographic magazines before I ever knew his name as a photographer.

So, to be collecting his artwork now is a pleasure for me. That is why I write these posts; I would love to help anyone who has an interest in art or in collecting any of the fine art prints from the shop on our website.

If you want to learn more about collecting art in the form of fine art photos, check out my blog post about that topic -> A Novice Collector’s Guide: What You Need to Know About Fine Art Photography

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